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Reasons to use a good local firm of solicitors for your conveyancing

Some firms of both Solicitors but mainly Conveyancers deal with conveyancing on a "production line" or "factory" basis. They don't operate like traditional firms of Solicitors and it is important to appreciate their limitations.
Disadvantages of dealing with these types of firms are:

  • Quotes obtainable on the internet may offer unrealistically low fees. They may not in practice adhere to the quotes given, and if they do…
  • The extremely low fees are likely to lead to very poor quality work, delays and poor communication.
  • They can be very difficult to deal with, with clients often only dealing directly with staff of low seniority and little experience. Staff may be transient, hanging from day to day.
  • They may be geographically remote being hundreds of miles away as a result of which…
  • You couldn't see the people acting for you or be able to collect documents or drop them off leading to postal delays.
  • They may operate rigid practices and a "tick box" mentality which they are not prepared to depart from.
  • As a result of the distance and rigid practices, they may take a long time to get a case moving.
  • They may often be "recommended" by agents or be in the same company group as the agents and as a result their fees may be higher than instructing a local firm because of the referral fees paid to the agents or the reliance on a stream of work from the agents.
  • They may take on cases which they can't ultimately cope with such as sales or purchases of part of a property and then the client would have to go elsewhere.

While conveyancing "factories" may get the job of "routine" conveyancing transactions done in the end, this may be in spite of not because of the service they offer, and the process can be extremely upsetting for the clients and very frustrating for the Solicitors firm working on the other side creating additional unnecessary work
for them.